31 OCT - 9 NOV, 2025

with Jeremy Woodhouse & Abhishek Hajela


Join Abhi and me as we spend 10 days in rural Rajasthan capturing daily life. We will be focussing on travel portraiture both in the "street" sense and some more formal photography aided with various light modifiers. Our portraiture will all be using natural light—not flash. While we are at the farmhouse, we will have "models" who will be available during our portrait sessions.

Each day, we will also venture out into the surrounding countryside looking for vignettes of daily life.

Following our time at the farmhouse, we will head towards the sleepy town of Jojawar where we will continue our exploration of the lives of the local people, most particularly the Rabari tribal group.

Our tour will end with a 2-night stay in one of the most beautiful cities in India, Udaipur.



Day 1, Oct 31, 2025 | Arrive in Delhi
On your arrival in Delhi you will be met by an Pixelchrome representative who will escort you to your hotel and assist in checking-in (NB: check in time 12 noon). After your long flight, you will have the rest of the day free to visit Delhi or relax at the hotel. If you are planning to arrive early you should make your own reservations for your hotel.

O/N Hotel at Aerocity (B)
Just minutes from T3, the hotel offers complimentary Wi-Fi and Airport transfers on select rates

Days 2-5: Dec 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Fly to Udaipur and drive to Private Farmhouse, Sirohi
Fly to Udaipur and on arrival in Udaipur our journey commences today with a scenic drive to Sirohi, where we will find respite in an ancestral property belonging to Mr. Shailendra Singh. Nestled in the foothills of Mount Abu, this haven has been meticulously curated and nurtured with a deep sense of care and dedication. It presents a harmonious blend of nature's wonders—rivers, mountains, lush greenery, and captivating sunsets.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local culture and traditions as you interact with village residents and tribes, gaining a distinct perspective that enriches your experience.

Our time here is dedicated with the Rabari community. This community's way of life revolves around the care of cattle, camels, sheep, and goats. They embody a semi-nomadic lifestyle, often dwelling in tents or beneath the vast expanse of open skies. Their history dates back to ancient times, traversing traditional routes to lead their herds to greener pastures. Rooted in a deeply nomadic existence, the Rabari people follow the rhythm of seasonal rains, temporarily relocating in search of sustenance before returning to their ancestral villages.

O/N Sirohi Farmhouse (B,L,D)

Day 6 & 7, Dec 5 & 6 | Jojawar
After breakfast we will head to Rawla Jojawar. A sleepy little town, full of colors markets and culture.

Get ready for an extraordinary journey as we delve into the untouched treasures of Rajasthan. Nestled within the Aravalli hills, this charming garrison fort holds a history that intertwines with the grand tapestry of the Royal house of Marwar. Once a significant principality, its legacy as a major fortification comes alive as we explore its corners. Originally christened with the title of Rao, the noble custodians nurtured this little fiefdom for nearly two centuries after its inception in the 18th century. With each step within these historic walls, we'll unravel stories of valor, heritage, and a bygone era that shaped the very fabric of Rajasthan.

Adding a dash of local flavor to our photographic journey, we'll embark on an hour-long adventure aboard a local train, sharing space with the vibrant locals. This immersive experience will bring us in touch with the heartbeats of rural villages, granting us unparalleled access to their daily lives. As our lenses capture the hues and stories of these communities, we'll forge connections that transcend time and distance, weaving a narrative that speaks to the soul of Rajasthan's unspoiled beauty and the people who call it home.

O/N Rawla Jojawar (B,L,D)

Day 8, Dec 7 | Jojawar - Udaipur
Today after breakfast we start our drive to Udaipur.

Udaipur, undeniably the embodiment of romance in Rajasthan, and perhaps even the entire world, rests 200 miles southwest of Jaipur. Embracing the shimmering waters of Lake Pichola, the city is fondly referred to as the 'Venice of the East'. On the lake, two island palaces, Jagniwas and Jagmandir, command attention—the former has transformed into the luxurious Lake Palace Hotel. Gazing across the lake, the City Palace rises in regal splendor, adorned with balconies, turrets, and cupolas that weave an intricate visual narrative.

Later in the evening we embark on a captivating photo walk through the ancient lanes of Udaipur's old town. As you weave through its historic alleys, your lens will uncover hidden gems and charming vignettes that capture the essence of this vibrant city. From ornate havelis to bustling markets, the visual tapestry of Udaipur's heritage comes alive with every click of your camera. Immerse yourself in the colors, textures, and stories that adorn the streets, allowing your photography to tell the tales of a bygone era.

Day 9, Dec 8 | Udaipur
Embrace the early morning light as we embark on a street photography session, capturing the town in its morning mood. But the day's adventure doesn't end there – our journey takes us beyond the city limits, leading us to remote and vibrant villages that paint Rajasthan's true essence.

Venturing into these off-the-beaten-path destinations, your lens will encapsulate the kaleidoscope of colors, traditions, and stories that these villages hold. As we traverse the rustic landscape, you'll have the privilege of getting up close and personal with the locals, witnessing their daily lives. From capturing the intricate details of traditional crafts to engaging in candid interactions, this day promises unforgettable photographic moments. 

O/N Rawla Jojawar (B,L,D)

Day 10, Dec 9 | Udaipur - New Delhi
After check-out you will be driven to the Udaipur airport boarding your onward flight to Delhi. 

On arrival you will be met and taken to your hotel. The rest of the evening is free. Later in the day, you will be accompanied to the departure terminal, where you will board your flight back home. Our team will ensure a smooth and seamless transition for your onward journey.

O/N Hotel at Aerocity (B,L,D)



Arrival, Departure & Visa

​Arrival & Meeting Place 
Arriving by plane in Delhi at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport) is a common entry point for international travelers visiting India. Overall, arriving at Delhi Airport is a straightforward process, with well-defined procedures and facilities to assist travelers throughout their journey. 

Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport)

It's essential to consult the official website of the Indian embassy or consulate in your country or the official Indian Visa Online portal for detailed information and guidance on the visa application process specific to your situation. Additionally, consider factors such as processing times and any additional requirements that may apply based on your nationality and the type of visa you're applying for.

In many cases, you can apply for an Indian visa online through the official website of the Indian Visa Online portal ( Alternatively, you may need to apply in person at an Indian embassy or consulate in your country.


During the day, temperatures range from around 25°C to 30°C (77°F to 86°F) in most parts of Rajasthan. However, in desert areas like Jaisalmer, temperatures can be slightly higher, reaching up to 35°C (95°F) during the day. In the evenings and early mornings, temperatures may drop, especially in desert regions and hill stations, so it's advisable to carry light layers. Overall, November offers ideal weather conditions for exploring Rajasthan's vibrant cities, majestic forts, and desert landscapes. Whether you're visiting Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, or any other destination in the state, you can expect pleasant temperatures and sunny skies, making it a delightful time to experience the rich cultural heritage and hospitality of Rajasthan.


Rajasthani: This is the primary language spoken by the majority of the population in Rajasthan. It is a part of the Indo-Aryan language family and has several dialects, including Marwari, Mewari, Dhundhari, Shekhawati, and Harauti. Rajasthani is widely used in daily communication, literature, music, and folk traditions across the state, and as the official language of India, Hindi is also widely spoken and understood in Rajasthan. It serves as a lingua franca for communication among people from different linguistic backgrounds, and it is the medium of instruction in schools and government offices.


The currency used in India is the Indian Rupee, abbreviated as INR. The symbol for the Indian Rupee is "₹". The currency is issued and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The Indian Rupee is subdivided into 100 smaller units called paise. However, due to inflation, paise are rarely used in everyday transactions, and amounts are typically rounded to the nearest rupee.


DEPOSIT: $500 


Group size 6

Tour Price Includes

  • Transfers at the beginning and the end of the tour (unless you are arriving early or leaving after the official tour is concluded)
  • Ground Transportation with local photographer/guide for 10 days
  • All meals
  • Tour accommodation, as listed​

Tour Price Excludes

  • Arrival/departure flights
  • Return flight to Udaipur
  • ​Travel insurance
  • Alcohol
  • Pre- and post-tour accommodation

Paying by check

If you would like to pay your deposit and/or balance with a check, please make the check payable to: Pixelchrome, Inc and mail it to:

Nicole Woodhouse
Pixelchrome, Inc, 
605 Rouen Drive, 
McKinney TX 75072

Paying by Wire Transfer

If you would like to pay by Wire Transfer please contact for bank account details.

Equipment Checklist

  • Bring you own laptop computer and storage media
  • Camera body(s)
  • Lenses, 16-35mm, 24-70mm zoom and 70-200mm zoom or similar lenses are very good
  • Light bag for easy hiking with camera bodies and accessories
  • Cleaning kit for cameras and lenses
  • Rain/dust covers for cameras and lenses
  • Charger for batteries
  • Spare batteries
  • Spare Memory cards
  • Memory card reader
  • USB key to exchange images

Also good to have

  • Tripod
  • Lens extenders
  • Good quality polarizing filter