with Jeremy Woodhouse
(11 Days/10 Nights)


What to Expect on your Storm Chasing Tour

If you have seen the movie Twister let us be quite clear in letting you know that these chases are hardly ever anything like that. Storm chasing can be a grind. We will drive you to the best severe weather setups in the country on the days of your tour. Often this means long drives. A typical day can easily see two to six hours driving. Honestly, that is a big part of the fun. You are driven in state-of-the-art 15-passenger vans complete with continuous wifi and screens complete with radar and real time storm information. Guests are limited to 8 per van so everyone gets a window seat and has plenty of space to stretch out. This is a great way to see the heart of America! 

All that driving is worth it. Every single mile. You will see things most people will never see in their lifetimes. Storm chasing is an adventure like nothing else in the world. Most guests take home pictures better than anything they have ever shot. We make restroom and snack stops as needed. We try to eat at good places when time allows. Often it's breakfast at the hotel, a quick lunch, and a good dinner at a local restaurant. We only stay in clean, comfortable hotels, rated 8 out of 10 or higher on Expedia. Our team stays at the same hotel as our guests. 

What if we don't see storms? This is unlikely. You should at the very least be in a tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning. It's Spring in Tornado alley, we will be chasing supercells, likely daily. In the event there are absolutely no storms to chase, we will still make the most of our time by visiting a photogenic locations for sunrise, sunset, and even doing some astrophotography.



The tour begins at the base hotel with a briefing at 8:00AM on Wednesday, May 21, 2025 and ends by 12:00PM on Saturday, May 31, 2025. The tour's base city is Oklahoma City, OK and it is from here that we will track storms into Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, New Mexico and beyond.

Arrive/Depart Dates
Each guest will need to be at the base city hotel or within reasonable driving distance by 8:00AM on the arrival date. If you are flying in, it is recommended that you arrive the day before. You will need to book an extra night at the base hotel or another hotel nearby. Any guests flying out should schedule their return flights no earlier than 3:00PM on the depart date. 

Meet and greet
We will have a meeting at 8:00AM local time on your start day in the lobby of your base hotel. Here we will give a short presentation on what you can expect for the duration of your adventure and answer any questions you have. We will also cover very important safety information. 

We want you to learn as much as possible during your adventure. We will hold classes and demonstrations how to forecast severe storms, positioning safely around them, reading weather radar, and documenting these phenomena with high quality stills and videos. The longer the duration of the tour, the more a guest can expect to learn. You will walk away with a solid foundation of how to predict and document severe weather. 

What if There are No Storms?
To date, every single tour has been in a severe thunderstorm or tornado warning. While tours are held at the climatological peak of severe weather season, we are at the mercy of the atmosphere. Occasionally the pattern can become unfavorable for severe storms and tornadoes. In this case we will focus on lightning photography, landscape photography, and astrophotography. We will make every attempt possible to give you an enjoyable adventure. We also may visit landmarks or points of interest associated with severe weather. On recent tours we  have visited The National Weather Museum, Twister! The Movie Museum, The Big Well in Greensburg, The Big Texan Steakhouse, and memorials of historic tornadoes on down days. 


$1,000 DEPOSIT




Online Registration

Please complete the online Registration Form and agree to the Participant Agreement and Waiver when prompted on the form

Tour Information

What’s Included
Your Tour package includes all lodging costs from the start date to end date of the adventure. You will need to make a reservation if staying at the base city hotel for the arrival date.

It also includes all transportation from the start to end date. Each hotel in our base cities provide a free 24-7 airport shuttle.

Additional information will be sent to you two months prior to the start of your adventure including; suggested packing list, your daily schedule, and pre-adventure educational materials.

The cost of all lodging from the start to end date is included. We stay at clean and reputable hotel chains whenever possible. All lodging is vetted by reading reviews or past personal experience. Recent Tornado Adventures primarily stayed in chains by Holiday Inn, Best Western, Hampton, Hilton, Aloft, Fairfield, and Wingate. 

What to Bring 
Plan to pack a medium to large suitcase for your 11-day adventure. You may also bring one small to medium size camera bag and one tripod. Please do your best to pack a reasonable amount of clothing for the length of your adventure. Make your best attempt at packing lightly. No large coolers please. 

Chase Vehicles
Our tour is conducted in state-of-the-art 15-passenger vans which include free continuous wifi for guests, signal boosters to help maintain a strong data signal in remote areas, and stations for viewing radar and other crucial weather data. 

Helpful Severe Weather Links

Paying by check

If you would like to pay your deposit and/or balance with a check, please make the check payable to: Pixelchrome, Inc and mail it to:

Nicole Woodhouse
Pixelchrome, Inc, 
605 Rouen Drive, 
McKinney TX 75072

Paying by Wire Transfer

If you would like to pay by Wire Transfer please contact for bank account details.