Following my series of group RAW tutorials, I have been asked if it would be possible to do a series of 1ON1 tutorials. I have decided to do this and for those of you who are interested in a more personalized session, the format will be as follows: 

This will give you 4 hours of individual tutoring in 2 sessions of 2 hrs each. During the first session you will work on 2 RAW files (see below to upload) which you are having difficulty with, along with the JPG versions of your results. We will then work together to process your RAW files. The following session will be 1 week later. During this session You will present two RAW images that you have worked on using the techniques that you learned during the previous session. We will talk about them and rework them if necessary.

At the end of your session you should have 4 print-worthy images which you will be proud to hang on your wall (so think about which images you'd like to work on if this is your goal).

The tutorials will run on Zoom between 9AM CST-1PM CST from Monday to Thursday. Slots are available on a first-come-first served basis. The total cost is $200 for both sessions. Once you have made your booking, please email me to choose your day and time, after which I will send you a personal Zoom Login (please understand that you may have to be flexible regarding the timing of your sessions. I will do everything I can to fit in with your schedule).

For those of you who would prefer to work in groups of twos or threes, I am happy to work with you. I will leave it up to you to recruit your own friends and/or family members to make up your work group. You will receive 6 hours of group tutoring in 2 separate 3 hour sessions. Each of you will upload 1 RAW file and your processed JPG  and I will work on each file with active participation from the group. This way we will all share and learn alternative work flow options. The following week, you will each present 1 RAW file which you have processed using the techniques we learned in the previous session, and we will discuss the results and make any changes/recommendations where necessary.

NB. Choose images which you love but are having a hard time processing.

The tutorials will run on Zoom from 9AM CST-1PM CST from Monday to Thursday. Slots are available on a first-come-first served basis. The total cost is $270 for both sessions (which you will split between you). Once you have made your booking, please email me to choose your day after which I will send you a personal Zoom Login (please make sure that you have agreed upon time options with your friends and family).

You can schedule as many sessions as you like

Please load your RAW & JPG files below. Please add your initials in front of the file name ie, JW_myfile.RAW

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I highly recommend Jeremy’s 1 on 1 Raw Tutorial as it is an incredible opportunity to expand your visual horizon. I processed my raw images prior to the tutorial and Jeremy processed the same images during the tutorial. Jeremy is the perfect mentor as he has an engaging teaching style, is thoroughly knowledgeable about the tools in Lightroom, and is committed to meeting the learning objectives of the photographer. As I watched Jeremy process my raw images, I learned about the power of masking in LR. Using this tool made the difference between a well processed vs. a fine art image. By the end of the tutorial I had 4 print-worthy images.


I just finished my 2nd session with Jeremy and couldn’t be happier. My goal for the first session was a grouping of photos that looked cohesive and well together. Mission accomplished! Along the way I learned how to do “targeted” adjustments instead of broad adjustments—huge improvement in my workflow. I learned so much—thanks Jeremy.

Then—and maybe best of all, I had my images printed. I have a local camera shop that prints photos and when I picked them up my ego got the boost I so needed during this trying time. There were “Wows” and “amazing” from everyone in the store along with “are you selling these?” As the saying goes—priceless!


Shout out to Jeremy Woodhouse for his excellent online tutorial, “Processing RAW Files” today! During our 2.5 hour one-on-one Zoom session, Jeremy processed two of my RAW files in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). I’m a longtime ACR and Photoshop user, but within minutes of starting, he was showing me tools I’d never used. Of course I deliberately chose two very challenging images, both with strongly backlit subjects (you can see the before and after images in the slideshow above). The photo of the ballet dancer had totallyblown highlights and rather than try to fix those, Jeremy suggested “embracing the light” and going for a high-key effect. I’m very pleased with the final edits and came away with valuable new post-processing skills!


Jeremy, I want to thank you for a most informative tutorial in processing. I was amazed what what you accomplished with subtle tweaks of various sliders! The tutorial itself was excellent in its presentation, and I’m very grateful to have had the experience of learning from you.


Yesterday was great, and I’ll happily join in other adventures with you in PS. I have taken lots of courses, but have forgotten what I used to know. I know how to record actions, but don’t know how to put up curves and other actions for helping with manipulation. Other reminders would be good, too. Now I know about that tool the pipette, and to use the healing brush tool, which I never seem to consider.


That was fun and very helpful today. Thanks Jeremy!


Thank you so much Jeremy for the very helpful and insightful critique “help” session. I learned a lot and enjoyed the session.