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Have you ever entered an online photography competition? It is an expensive undertaking and the chances of actually winning an award or prize are quite slim… and where do all those entry fees go? Half the time you never even hear about the results of the competition. At the end of the day, what do you get out of this experience, perhaps a "shout out" on social media… nothing more… big deal!

As we head into the 5th month of this pandemic, I am looking for creative solutions to stay busy and to provide photographic stimulation for my photo family. It is with this in mind that I am launching a new project—yes, you guessed it, another book.

This time the book is going to be all about you. If you have never had work appear in print before, now you are going to be published. For a modest fee, you will send me a minimum of 2 files (and up to 4), of your best images ever, and I mean your best, knock-your-socks-off photographs. After the upload deadline (31 July, 2020), these images will be curated into a book called How I Created This.

Once the book is completed you will each receive a copy at no extra expense (except for the shipping). So how about that?


You may upload a minimum of 2 images via the link below once you have paid the Image Submission Fee (you may also add a further two more images, it is up to you). Before uploading your images, please add your initials in front of the file name ie, JW_myfile.JPG.

Your fee buys you a whole page per image submitted. If you would like the image to be printed over a double spread, please indicate that when you send in your image (the double spread will count as 2 images).

The images should be saved as high resolution JPG files (saved at image quality 12) with the AdobeRGB1998 color profile applied, and with the long side dimension of at least 4800pixels.

IMPORTANT: Please include the RAW files for the corresponding images. These will be used to correct any potential color issues should they arise. I will work together with you over Zoom should this be necessary (so essentially a free RAW processing session). That can't be bad, right?

  • Please check your images for sharpness, focus and camera shake. If they are not sharp they will be rejected and I will request an alternate.
  • Please do not submit HDR images unless they do not look 100% natural.

Each image should be labelled with the following information in mind: think the 5 "Ws"—"When", "Where", "What", "Who", and "Why". I will be grabbing the camera info and exposure settings from the metadata so you do not need to worry about that.

Please provide a brief description (around 100 words) of how you created your images, list any special circumstances or photographic techniques, and share any anecdotal thoughts that came to mind when you took the shot.


I will be producing a 12"x12" square format book so the images are going to look gorgeous. We will print 4-colour throughout on a 100# coated matte stock. The cover will be a 14pt coated matt stock with a UV varnish finish.

The book will be perfect bound. Depending on the response to the project, I hope that the book will have a minimum of 100 pages and could go to 200 pages (or more)—the more the better.


If each of you shares this link with 10 of your photo friends we will produce something quite extraordinary—remember, I am only looking for your best work, images that you are proud of, images that are in your lifetime top 10. They can be of anything; landscapes, wildlife, culture, urban, color, black and white, infra red, you name it. Let us work together to produce an amazing keepsake.

If you live outside the US you may also participate but realize that the shipping fees are quite heavy (including Canada).


the choice for the Cover and Back Cover images will be decided by you. I will come up with a selection of images that I think will work. If there is a tie we will then put them up on social media and let the public decide.

All images should be in by midnight on July 31, 2020— CLOSED

There is a minimum quantity of 2 images ($40). A 3rd ($15) and 4th ($10) may be added… your choice!
Shipping is extra.

Please load your RAW & JPG files below. Please add your initials in front of the file name ie, JW_myfile.RAW

Image Uploader

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