JULY 24-28, 2021


with Jeremy Woodhouse


Fields of Canola


I have just completed two tours to the Palouse, the first in May, the next in June and was amazed by what I saw. Although I was there at the perfect time for the spring crop, due to the ongoing drought, many of the plants were not as high as they should have been, especially the canola which is running about 5 weeks late. This is why I returned in June—and boy was there canola!! We will return once again at the end of July to catch the beginning of the harvest season, which I am reliably informed by local farmers, will be earlier than usual, again due to the dry, hot conditions. Join me!


Palouse Barn


Ladow Butte Barn


Palouse Barn


Grain Elevator


The itinerary below is subject to change based on the weather and the will of the group.

Day 1: Sat, 24 July—Colfax
Meet at 5PM at the Best Western in Colfax, WA. For sunset, we'll head out for our first landscape shoot from the top of Steptoe Butte where you will have impressive 360º views overlooking the rolling fields. The Full Moon will be rising at 21:10PM

The Palouse has become one of the top destination locations in the world for landscape photography, shutterbugs from all over come to capture the raw, natural beauty that only the this region can offer, in all four seasons.

Day 2: Sun, 25 July—Colfax
We will leave well before dawn and return to Steptoe Butte to photograph the landscape in the best light as the sun rises. The Full Moon will be setting at 06:04AM

After returning for breakfast we will once again head out head out again in search of barns, windmills, old abandoned cars, lone trees, winding roads, grain elevators and whatever else takes your fancy.

O/N Best Western Wheatland Inn

Day 3: Mon, 26 July—Colfax
We are up early for sunrise and will head out to a location to photograph an old cottonwood tree against the sunrise—the sun will rise behind Steptoe Butte which will be prominent in the background.

After returning for breakfast we will once again head out head out again in search of barns, windmills, old abandoned cars, lone trees, winding roads, grain elevators and whatever else takes your fancy before heading back for a mid-morning rest.

After an early dinner, we will head to Palouse Falls to photograph the sunset over the canyon. You will need your widest possible lens to get dramatic images from this iconic spot.

O/N Best Western Wheatland Inn

Day 4: Tue, 27 July—Colfax
You may choose to rest this morning as we will only arrive back from Palouse Falls well after dark. Mid-morning we will head out to explore some of the small towns in the region in search of "Americana"—you may even get to meet Dave! His property features an iconic barn and he has a collection of vintage cars and trucks. He is a great model and I will help you set up portraits in the wonderful "barn" light,

In the evening we will go to another spot where you will have different views of the landscape as the sun goes down. You will see Steptoe Butte in the background.

O/N Best Western Wheatland Inn

Day 5: Wed, 23 July—Colfax
Early wake up call for sunrise. We do our final morning shoot in the Palouse and then return to the hotel for breakfast. The workshop will conclude by 9AM.



Wildflowers around Steptoe Butte


Winding Road

Arrival, Departure

​Arrival & Meeting Place 
Meet at 5PM in Colfax, WA. You will either arrive in Spokane, WA or Pullman/Colfax regional airport and will stay at the Best Western Wheatland Inn (509) 397-0397. Lodging is not included in the workshop fee. 

We will spend as much time out in the field as you wish. The days will be long and you will probably need some downtime in the middle of the day. If you need assistance with downloads or some Photoshop-related issues, I will be available to do this.

The workshop will conclude by 9AM after our sunrise shoot on Thu, 24 June after which you are free to return home or move on to your next destination.


Portrait of Dave


The best time to visit the Palouse is between May and August. In May and early June you will see a mix of green fields and freshly planted fields. By mid-May the canola fields will be bright yellow and May is also one of the best months to see wildflowers.

In May sunrise temperatures can be below 40° F, especially at the top of Steptoe Butte, so you will need warm layers. In mid-May and early June there will be  a much better chance of having some clouds which is always better than bald blue skies..


Spring in the Palouse, WA


TOUR COST: $1,695


Tour Price Includes

  • Ground Transportation
  • Park Entrance Fees
  • In-Field Photography Instruction
  • Post-processing and Image Critique

Tour Price Excludes

  • Transportation to/from your home to Spokane or Colfax, WA
  • Lodging
  • Meals and snacks
  • Beverages


    We will stay in the town of Colfax at the Best Western Wheatland Inn (509) 397-0397.

    You should make your own booking. Rates are at the following link. Please contact them directly to make your reservation from 24-28 June, 2021 (4 nights).

    Dress for the Weather

      Personal Gear List

      • Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat
      • Water bottle

      Photo Equipment Checklist

      • Sturdy tripod and ballhead
      • Digital SLR or Mirrorless Camera Body
      • Wide angle lens in the 16-35mm range
      • Mid-range zoom lens in the range of 24-100mm
      • Long telephoto lenses in the 100-600mm range.  You will want a lens that is longer than 200mm for many of the locations we visit! A 100-400mm or 150-600mm will be perfect
      • Circular polarizer filters and ND filters for your lenses.  If you like shooting with grads, bring them along.  A 6 or 10-stop ND filter will be useful for creating very long exposures.
      • Backpack to carry your gear
      • Extra batteries, memory cards, and cleaning supplies
      • Laptop if you wish to backup your photos or follow along during the post-processing instruction.

        Covid-19 Precautions

        • Instructors will wear masks while teaching at close range
        • Clients are encouraged to wear masks whenever they are at close range
        • Where possible, we will practice social distancing. Tripods 6ft apart.
        • You are encouraged to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitiser. 

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