NOV 7-13, 2021


with Jeremy Woodhouse


View from the Empire State Building


Every evening people from all points on the globe dream of waking up in New York City. For many, this dream has become reality. Three out of the eight million residents are immigrants—the city is a true melting pot. On this 6-day photography experience we will travel by subway, bus, and ferry to points all over the city to photograph the urban landscape.

Store fronts, street scenes, signage, architecture, yellow taxis, graffiti, people of all creeds, colors, religions and orientation will be photographed. We will explore the city and experience the rhythm of daily life. The city is comprised of five boroughs and each one is a collection of diverse ethnic neighborhoods. 

In Brooklyn, orthodox Jewish women wearing wigs and pushing strollers cross paths with Rastafarians in dreadlocks. The Russian community in Brighton Beach shops under the subway tracks and still has a foot in Moscow. Flatbush Avenue is teeming with commerce and a hub of the Caribbean community. People are friendly and the vibe conducive to shooting with a wide angle. The boardwalk in Coney Island is beloved by all, and if the sun is shining a Dominican band will be playing a tune. Lunch will be at the best pizza place in New York City, guaranteed, just a few blocks away on Neptune Avenue. 

In lower Manhattan we will walk the narrow, and congested streets of Chinatown and have lunch at a place that is loved by all native New Yorkers. The fish vendors lining Canal Street, pigs hanging on hooks inside of restaurants make for great images. The imposing federal court houses, 9-11 Memorial, the Oculus train station designed by Calatrava will be be great photo stops.

The mecca of African-American life in New York City is 125 Street in Harlem. Street vendors, traffic, hustlers and shoppers all compete for their piece on the pavement. Some of the side streets have beautiful brownstones as well as home-based churches. People sitting on stoops and women in traditional African garb going about daily lives, make for a great photo story.

Jackson Heights, Queens is the most diverse urban zip code in the United States. Hailing from Nepal, Colombia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Mexico and Bolivia, people shop under the elevated tracks in stores that sell products from their nation of birth. Mexican food carts compete with Nepalese momo vendors. The Venezuelan women packed in beauty parlors and will give you a smile if you let them know that they are beautiful.

The Bronx is a borough seldom visited by out-of-staters and by tourists. The most densely populated borough, over 50% is Hispanic or of Latin heritage. Remnants of its grandeur, as well as blight, will be photographed as we walk the streets of the Longwood neighborhood. Beaux arts movie houses are now stores, art deco buildings decorate the winding streets—graffiti is omni present. Hidden gems will be uncovered. Grit, grime, and activity all abound.

Other experiences will include a panoramic photo shoot of the city from the Staten Island Ferry, a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and a guided tour of the 9-11 Memorial.

This photography tour will NOT include visits to the Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway, Rockefeller Center. These activities can be done independently.

Daily Schedule

Day 1: Dec 7, 2021—Arrive in NYC
The group will meet at an iconic restaurant on the first evening (instructions will be sent out soon). You will need to navigate yourself there independently; it is easy to reach by taxi. At the meet-and-greet you will be provided with a 7-day, unlimited metro card for use throughout the trip. Be sure to download the MTA app on your phone.

The main program for each day will begin at 9am with at an easy to reach meeting place based on the day's itinerary This tour will require a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes or sneakers are suggested. Included in the trip fee is an opening dinner and a farewell dinner at an Indian restaurant, which itself makes for a great photo opportunity. Two lunches will also be included; pizza in Brooklyn and a Nepalese meal in Queens. All other meals are self-pay. The day will end at sundown which is at approximately 5:15pm

For those wishing to photograph at dawn, special iconic shot locations have been identified and will be offered on an optional basis with Jeremy accompanying you.  

New York is an incredible city with wonderful restaurants, Broadway, shopping, museums and it is hoped that you will take advantage of them after the daily photography activities. The subway system is safe, taxis are easy to get, and the shared car service Via is a favorite (masks are required on public transportation).

Non-photographer travel companions will love being in the city and soaking it all up. They are welcome to join in the two dinners (included) and on the following 2 daily photo excursions (Coney Island & Lower Manhattan). The companion supplement is $450.

Day 7: Dec 13, 2021—Depart NYC
After the morning photowalk you are free to leave. We will be finished by 9AM which will give you plenty of time to catch a midday flight back home.

Cultural Sensitivity

New Yorkers speak loudly and do not hold back. Before you photograph someone on the subway, you definitely want to ask permission! The homeless population is large and you should avoid taking pictures of these troubled individuals. They can become violent. Many of the Chinatown store keepers will cover their faces. Be aware that New York City is home to a very large population of undocumented immigrants who do not want to be photographed.

Life is back to "almost" normal in New York City.


You are free to lodge where ever you wish. New York City has a wide range of hotels in all price points. Jeremy will be staying at the Hotel 50 Bowery by Hyatt in Chinatown (see below), but if this is not for you, you are encouraged to find a hotel that beat fits your needs. We have given you a few suggestions below.

Herb will be staying at home on the Upper West Side. If you decide to stay at the Hotel Beacon or Art House Hotel, Herb will be your subway companion each day as we head to our daily meeting point

Hotel 50 Bowery Hotel 50 Bowery, part of JdV by Hyatt, is a boutique hotel that enables guests to easily access Lower East Side, Tribeca, Soho, Little Italy and Brooklyn neighborhoods.
Overlooking Bowery—the oldest thoroughfare in New York—Hotel 50 Bowery is where vibrant Lower Manhattan mingles with the Lower East Side. Discover a boutique hotel that's a nod to its surroundings, within easy walking distance to SoHo and Little Italy.

Hotel 50 Bowery

The Kitano Hotel Close to Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center and many fine restaurants.
Ideally placed at the corner of Park Avenue and 38th St in the annex of Murray Hill, our luxury hotel in New York City offers a tranquil and relaxing oasis from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Where traditional Eastern graciousness meets modern Western hospitality, indulge in an array of upscale services, including valet parking, two restaurants, and Wi-Fi access at our urban sanctuary in Midtown.

Hotel Beacon, NYC on the Upper West Side close to Central Park with a real neighborhood feel.
Named for its original airway beacon located on the roof of the hotel, Hotel Beacon harks back to a lesser-known time in New York City history, one in which the country was young, prosperous and enthusiastic about the advancements of the day, most notably the rising popularity of flight.

The Iroquois Hotel a Boutique Hotel Close to Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center
Tucked on a quiet street amid the bustle of Midtown Manhattan, The Iroquois provides a boutique luxury hotel experience elevated for the modern traveler. Steeped in historic NYC hospitality and located moments from the Theater District, Times Square, and Bryant Park, our stately and sophisticated hotel accommodations set the tone for timeless experiences in New York City.

Soho Grand Hotel A Boutique Hotel in the Vibrant Neighborhood of SOHO
Stylish, spacious and layered with light, our newly-renovated guest rooms, terrace suites and two sprawling penthouse Lofts reflect the luxury and creative energy of the neighborhood.

The Art House Hotel A Vintage Boutique Hotel on the Upper West Side
The word is out. Arthouse Hotel New York City has brought hip, vintage charm and boutique style to the posh Upper West Side of Manhattan. Setting a new standard for NYC hotels, our century-old building retains many of its historic accents, offering a warm sense of space you won't find anywhere else in the neighborhood. 

Arrival & Departure


  • You will arrive in NYC on 7 Nov, 2021 for the start of the tour
  • You can get a Yellow Taxi at JFK Airport to Manhattan for a $52 flat rate. Tell them to take the 59th Street Bridge. It is 17 miles from JFK to Hotel 50 Bowery
  • LaGuardia to Manhattan by taxi is a metered fare. Download the Via app and get a shared ride. It is just 12 miles from La Guardia to the Hotel 50 Bowery
  • Carmel Car Service is available by calling 866-666-6666


The tour ends by 10AM on Sunday, Nov 13. You will then be free to leave to catch your flight back home.


The weather in New York in November is noted for falling temperatures yet without the prolonged cold snaps that can occur during the winter months. Afternoon high temperatures are still fairly mild; mostly in the upper 50sºF to near 60ºF (about 15ºC) with overnight lows in the mid-40sºF (7-8ºC).

As fall gives way to Winter the foliage in Manhattan's Central Park reaches peak by late October/early Nov so we should be here at the perfect time.



TOUR COST: $1,895



Tour Price Includes

  • Selected meals (2 dinners, 2 lunches)
  • 7-day unlimited ride MTA MetroCard. This gives you unlimited swipes for all days you are in New York
  • In-Field Photography Instruction
  • Escorted sunrise shoots
  • A guided tour of the 911 Memorial
  • The pleasure of hanging out with Herb and me

Tour Price Excludes

  • Transportation to/from your home to New York City
  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel
  • Lodging
  • Meals and snacks (except where listed)
  • Alcohol & soft drinks


    You are free to lodge where ever you wish. New York City has a wide range of hotels in all price points. Jeremy will be staying at the Hotel 50 Bowery in Chinatown, but if this is not for you, you are encouraged to find a hotel that fits your needs.


    Herb will be staying at home on the Upper West Side. If you decide to stay at the Hotel Beacon or Art House Hotel, Herb will be your subway companion each day as we head to our daily meeting point.

    Dress for the Weather

      Personal Gear List

      • Sturdy footwear and long pants
      • Warm jacket, hat, and gloves for cool mornings
      • Waterproof shell in case of rain
      • Sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hat
      • Water bottle

      Photo Equipment Checklist

      • Sturdy tripod and ballhead
      • 2 Digital SLR or Mirrorless Camera Bodies
      • Wide angle lens in the 16-35mm range, Mid-range zoom lens in the range of 24-100mm. You will be encouraged to approach your subjects using these wider lenses to show context and the environment
      • A telephoto lenses in the 100-400mm range though you will be discouraged from carrying this on our walks. We do not agree with "photo sniping!" as it heightens feelings of mistrust
      • Bag to carry your gear
      • Extra batteries, memory cards, and cleaning supplies
      • Laptop if you wish to backup your photos or follow along during the post-processing instruction.